PocketScan 3D

PocketScan 3D

PocketScan 3D

The world’s first professional grade 3D pocket scanner!

zsebszkennerQuickly, easily and seamlessly capture and create high-resolution and high-accuracy full-color 3D models.

  • Pocket Size
    - The PocketScan 3D literally fits in your pocket!
  • Easy
    - No preparation required. Simply point and scan in 3D.
  • Professional
    - High accuracy with real-time 3D color preview.
  • Integrated
    - Natively compatible with laptops and tablet.

POCKETSCAN 3D from Mantis Vision is the only professional 3D scanner in a handheld format.
This advanced digitalisation device is the result of 4 years of research in cooperation with clients of defense industry, automotive sector and professional engineers specialized in reverse engineering.

This scanner has been deeply tested on real work environments. It’s really easy to use both for professional and amateur users: developers, designers and hobbyists. It’s suitable for automotive, industry, research, prosthetics, forensic medicineand rehabilitation of buildings.
PocketsScan 3D is very easy to use and allows to capture images at great speed. It doesn’t require preparation of scenarios or guide placement. It’s able to scan complete 360o models in one single shot. You can also scan separate parts of an object in order to combine several explorations.
It’s an economic 3D scanner and really easy to handle in order to capture complex shapes. Compatible with computers and tablets.

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Mantis Vision’s userfriendly, intuitive 3D production software accompanies the PocketScan 3D camera and includes:

  • Fully automatic stitching
  • Measurement tools
  • Composition tool
  • Triangulation and surfacing
  • Scanned model quality feedback


Price: 0,00Ft
3D points accuracy

Better than 1 mm @ 0,5 m. distance

Better than 2 mm @ 1 m distance

XY point density 3mrad

Unlimited in stitched mode

Accuracy 0,2% from measured dimension
Eye safety class laser Class 1 laser (no protection required)
Ambient lighting required for indoor environment only
Working range 0,25-1 m
Linear field of view

H x V 148 x 255 mm (@ 0,25 m)

H x V 592 x 1020 mm (@ 1 m)

Angular field of view H x V 33° x 54°
Video frame rate 10 - 30 fps
Exposure time 0,005 - 0,042 s
Data acquisition speed 600.000 points/sec
Dimensions 120 x 60 x 30 mm
Weight 250 g
Power consumption 3 W
Calibration Calibration board
Environmental vibrations Unaffected due to dynamic referencing system
Working temperature 10 to 30°C
Interface USB3
Minimum computer requirements USB3 interface, NVIDIA graphic card 640M and above, Quad Core processor

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