Neolt eliographic copiers

Neolt eliographic copiers

Excellent performance copier solutions.

The development system is with a closed circuit and no ventilation pipes.Superdiazo 3

Ammonia supply occurs in a simple way by means of a tank placed outside the machine. The optional "NEOFILTER" system enables a drastic reduction (up to 95%) of the residual ammonia vapours which are neutralized by a long life filter.

For this reason, the these diazo machines with "NEOFILTER" system can be installed in any offices whatsoever without any problem.

Technodiazo 3

3 * 140 W lamps, 400 m/h speed, 125 cm wide diazo copier

Superdiazo 4

4 * 140 W lamps, 450 m/h speed, 125 cm wide diazo copier


  • vapour filter (2 pcs
  • diazo paper (quick, black, 80g/m2)
  • 3 pcs clear envelope: 92*130, 63*92, 46*65cm


Price: 0,00Ft

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