MUSEO Fine Art Media

MUSEO Fine Art Media

MUSEO digital fine art media

Museo Archival Quality Digital Fine Art Media

Museo (pronounced 'Moo-zay-o') is the brand name given to the family of digital fine art media.

Museo brand products provide world-class image quality manufactured to archival standards (Library of Congress, ISO) with all products being 100% cotton, internally buffered (to prevent long term environmental acidification), and containing no optical brighteners (which are known to fade over time).

photographyMuseo is ideal for professional, semi-professional, and pro-sumer photographers and artists who produce digital originals or reproductions using inkjet technology.

Optimization and support of Museo fine art media is focused on pigmented inks used for long term image life. (Dye based inks can produce outstanding images on Museo products, but media can not prevent the degradation of images printed with these non-archival inks.)

Museo products are available in common roll and sheet sizes for small, medium, and wide format printing. Pre-scored, two side printable card stock is also available to make the production of greeting cards, invitations, and announcements quick and easy.

Silver Rag™

Fine Art Paper Crafted For Your Finest Work

Museo® Silver Rag™ leads in a new category of digital printing paper that allows image makers to approach fiber-based photo paper results without the darkroom. This new capability was born from a first-of-its-kind coating matched to a 100% cotton paper. Museo® Silver Rag™ brings it all together - extraordinary depth and detail. The hand of fine art paper, archival quality permanence, and the semigloss finish of traditional fiber based photo paper. Optimized for pigmented inks, Museo® Silver Rag™ brings out the best in B&W and color images.

Portfolio Rag™

Extra Smooth Fine Art Paper For Photographic Images

Museo® Portfolio Rag™ combines an extra smooth cotton base with our advanced coating to bring you a paper that feels luxurious and provides world-class image quality. Use Museo® Portfolio Rag™ for your museum exhibition and portfolio prints and when you need exceptional tonal range on a surface that will not detract from your photographic images.

Textured Rag™

Digital Fine Art Watercolor Paper

Museo® Textured Rag™ provides added character and distinction. A delightfully textured, mold-made paper, reminiscent of old world cold press watercolor paper, Museo® Textured Rag™, has been enhanced with an ink receptive layer that brings your images to life.

Museo® MAX™

Archival Fine Art Paper For Digital Printing

Museo® Max™ raises digital printing to a new performance plateau. Using a breakthrough coating technology, Museo® Max™ produces visually superior prints in B&W and color - you can see the difference. Museo® Max™ enables you to extract the best performance from your printer to generate bold, bright colors with fine, crisp details. Professionals who need extraordinary performance and archival permanance use Museo® Max™ fine art paper.

Artist Cards™

Two Sided Printable, Prescored Cards With Envelopes

Museo® Artist Cards™ enable you to craft highly personal, premium-quality cards using your words, photographs, and fine art images. Using our complimentary templates, creating gift cards, holiday cards, announcements, and invitations with your own message is easy. Museo® Artist Cards™ are printable on two sides, pre-scored, and are available in four sizes with matching envelopes. Use the templates, artist cards, your printer, and your creativity to make artful, professional-quality cards.

Fine Art Stretch Canvas

Crafted For Your Finest Work

Museo® Artistry™ Canvas, is a 433 micron matte finish, pH neutral artist stretch canvas designed for long-term, fade resistant fine art or photo reproductions. The polyester/cotton blend canvas has a specifically designed coating which delivers superior color gamut and resolution.
Museo Artistry Canvas has the added bonus of water resistance when printed with pigment inks.
Museo Artistry Canvas coated with a special liquid clear coating (liquid lamination) will protect your artwork and guarentee archivability for 100+ years. (Ask for details.)
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  • Museo products are made to archival standards.
  • Robust, damage-free packaging.
  • All Museo papers are internally buffered with calcium carbonate, acid-free and contains no optical brighteners, no fluorescent whiteners .
  • All Museo papers are 100% cotton, which has the highest percentage of alpha cellulose (the purest form of cellulose). Use of naturally occurring pure Artesian well water.
  • All Museo papers meet Library of Congress standards for archivability,
    meet ISO 11108 for archival paper (requirements for permanence and durability),
    meet ISO 9706 for documents (requirements for permanence).

Silver Rag 300g Portfolio Rag300g Textured Rag MAX250g MAX365g Artist Cards220g Artistry Canvas
weight [gsm] 300 300 285 250 365 220 375
caliper [micron] 380 380 446.5 380 530 356 433
pH 7.9-8.5 7.9-8.5 7.9-8.5 7.9-8.5 7.9-8.5 7.1

brightness 90 91 90 91 91
finish textured (watercolor) gloss finish extra smooth matte textured water color velina velina matte
material 100% cotton 100% cotton 100% cotton 100% cotton 100% cotton poly/cotton blend

internally buffered

internally buffered

internally buffered

internally buffered

internally buffered

ink compatibility

designed for pigmented inkjet inks

optimized for pigmented inkjet inks (also compatible with dye-based inks)

black use with photo black ink use with matte black ink

flake-free coating

flake-free coating

two-side printable


made in the U.S.A.

made in the U.S.A.

All Museo products come packaged with print side facing up when you open the box of sheets. All rolls are wound print side out.

Museo sheets are cut Grain Long. This means the grain direction is parallel to the longest dimension of the sheet. (Book makers often cut sheets in half to make a sheet that is grain short so book pages could be made with horizontal grain when sheets are bound together.) For Museo roll products, the grain is parallel to the length of the roll.

Handle paper by the edges, special care should be taken so as not to contaminate the ink receptive surface. Oil from fingers can interfere with the special ink receptivity properties of the surface.

Museo sheet sizes

There are 25 sheets in every box.

A4 A3 A2 8.5"*11" 13"*19" 17"*22" 24"*36" 35"*47"
Museo® Silver Rag™ x x x x x x
Museo® Portfolio Rag™ x x x x x x x x
Museo® Textured Rag™ x x x x x x
Museo® MAX™ 250g x x x x x
Museo® MAX™ 365g x x
Museo® Artistry Canvas™ x

Museo roll sizes

All rolls are 15,3 m (50') long.

432mm 610mm 914mm 1117mm 1270mm 1374mm 1520mm
17" 24" 36" 44" 50" 54" 60"
Museo® Silver Rag™ x x x x x
Museo® Portfolio Rag™ x x x x
Museo® Textured Rag™ x x x
Museo® MAX™ 250g x x x x x x
Museo® MAX™ 365g
Museo® Artistry Canvas™ x x x

Museo Artist Cards card sizes

Matching envelops available for all Artist Cards sheets.

Museo® Artist Cards™
small 4 1/2" * 5 13/16" ~ 11,4 * 14,8 cm
large 5 1/2" * 7 3/8" ~ 14 * 18,7 cm
square 5 1/4" * 5 1/4" ~ 13,3*13,3 cm
panoramic 9 1/8" * 3 7/8" ~ 23,2*9,8 cm

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