3Dsimo - 3D pen

3Dsimo - 3D pen

An innovative and comfortable 3D pen. It allows the user to define filament feed rate and temperature from 130 to 250 degrees. Several predefined settings are available for wide source of materials. Illuminated display.
The box contains 1.75 mm sample filaments: PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG.
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3D Simo - an amazing 3D pen


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Endless possibilities

  • Repairing of plastic devices
  • Bonding and assembling models of 3D printers
  • Repair abortive print
  • Creating jewelry, bijou
  • To implement your ideas
  • Simply for the joy of modeling
How it works?

3Dsimo is so simple to use as a pencil. Everyone who have ever draw with pencil will not have a problem to use 3Dsimo. After plugging it in you set the desired speed and temperature according to the material (these data will be appended together with 3Dsimo and new materials will be updated). 3Dsimo is based on the principle of FDM technology thus extruding plastic material through the hot end. If you want to print into the air or create infill of any object you can do it easily and quickly. There is no problem just make your choice. After a while of use you will find that with 3Dsimo you can create fantastic objects.

PET PLA wood+PLA wood PLA
flexible fluorescent ThermoChrome ABS HIPS+PLA

3Dsimo 3D pen is available from shop.digit.hu .
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