Správy z roku 2010

Wasath SoftRIP version 7.1 (2014. June 2.)

new printing and workflow software

New Contex HD Ultra series (2012. June 27.)

The new generation!

Contex XD2490 Scanner: Highly Recommended by Cadalyst (2010. November 3.)

DMiBOP / Mural-Pro (2010. October 25.)

digital wallpaper, indoor banner, outdoor posterpaper

Tri novinky Canon imagePROGRAF posúvajú veľkoformátovú (2010. April 7.)

tlač na vyššiu úroveň

Improved Backlit Film (2010. March 19.)


Premium vinyl - economy price (2010. February 24.)

InteliCoat announced a significant price reduction on DMVLA5 Premium PSA Vinyl.

Wasatch supports the HP Designjet L25500 (2010. January 28.)

Wasatch Releases Support for the HP Designjet L25500

New logo, new office (2009. December 22.)

New POSPRO+ media (2009. November 16.)

"POS PRO+ high image quality and durability products to provide yet another avenue for customers looking to expand and maximize their business through the use of aqu

Windows 7 supported by Contex scanners (2009. November 5.)

You can use Contex wide format scanners on Windows 7 systems

Wasatch Released SoftRIP Version 6.6 (2009. November 2.)

Wasatch Computer Technology has released SoftRIP v6.6, which features the new Wasatch Tracer feature, allowing users to create contour cut paths

Approved Media for HP Latex Printers (2009. September 10.)

InteliCoat Media qualified for the HP Designjet L65500

Better, whiter, stronger material for ZPrinter 3D printers (2009. June 10.)

Z Corporation announced zp 150 - a new standard in 3D Printing materials for the ZPrinter® 450 and ZPrinter® 650 color 3D printers.

Intelicoat Verona 300RAG wins prestigious award (2009. March 18.)

Intelicoat's new top quality media: Magiclee Verona 300 RAG received the prestigious 2009 Hot One Award from Professional Photographer magazine.

InteliCoat ICC profiles for Epson GS6000 (2009. January 15.)

InteliCoat Technologies adds Epson GS6000 ICC Profiles to its Online ICC Profile Library

Tlačiareň Canon imagePROGRAF 720 s 80 GB pevným diskom (2008. November 6.)

Firma Canon uviedla na trh svoju novú veľkoformátovú tlačiareň imagePROGRAF 720 (iPF720) so šírkou tlače A0 (36”) s pevným diskom veľ

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