Better, whiter, stronger material for ZPrinter 3D printers

Better, whiter, stronger material for ZPrinter 3D printers

Z Corporation announced zp 150 - a new standard in 3D Printing materials for the ZPrinter® 450 and ZPrinter® 650 color 3D printers.

This new powder system is simply the best material ever available for ZPrinters and will push the boundaries of what is possible with our technology. zp 150 is a premium composite build material for the ZPrinter 450 and ZPrinter 650 3D printers. zp 150 improves the strength and color of 3D printed models for 3D CAD while producing whiter whites for applications such as architectural modeling where true white is the traditional standard. Using zp 150, water for the first time can be used as the curing agent in finishing multicolor models; ideal for early prototypes and education environments. zp 150 material improves on Z Corporation's best-selling composite materials with the following enhancements:

Best Color and Whiteness

  • Brightest whites - 90% whiter than zp®131
  • Largest color gamut ever - 125% larger than zp 131
  • HD color printing mode for the ZPrinter 650

Highest strength

  • Better green strength than zp 130 and zp 131 for easier processing
  • 40% stronger with Z-BondTM 101 over zp 130
  • 100% stronger with Water Cure over zp 140

Easy and safe post-processing - Water Cure with Epsom Salt

  • Easy and user-friendly post-processing option - only water and salt are required to seal and strengthen your printed parts
  • Works with color models for draft color
  • Versatility - compatible with Water Cure, Wax, Z-Bond and Z-MaxTM


 3d modells printed with zp150 powder

Alarm clock quick prototype
- Water Cure

Torino Architectural 3D modell
- Water cure

- Infiltrated with Z-Bond 101

This new material expands the capabilities of 3D printing technology with improvements in process, color and strength.

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