New Contex HD Ultra series

New Contex HD Ultra series

The new generation!

What's new in new Contex HD series scanners?

New productivity specifications

  • Market leading top color speed at 8 inches pr. second. Entry level color speed at 4 inches pr. second. Scan more than 450 A0 / Arch E size documents pr. hour with one of our 6 powerful solutions.
  • Gigabit Ethernet and 1200 dpi are now standard features in all HD Ultra scanners.
  • New Contex HD Ultra i4220s MFP 
    Including full Nextimage Repro. Color speed 2 inches pr. second. 1200 dpi and Gigabit Ethernet included.

New color spaces added to HD Ultra

  • Adobe RGB

  • Device RGB

  • sRGB (This remain the default)

Color accuracy ensured by X-Rite

  • Contex is collaboration with X-Rite to generate ICC profiles that ensures the highest possible color accuracy for the demanding customers.

Contex Natural Light (CNL)

  • In a wide format scanner the best ways to reproduce natural defused light is by using the Contex customs florescent light tube

Full 48-bit color workflow

  • Full 48-bit data workflow enables access to all colors in the HD Ultra scanner. You can now create a full 48-bit color file in RAW RGB.

Contex new HD Ultra 2012 modells are available at Digit from July 2012.

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