New POSPRO+ media

New POSPRO+ media

"POS PRO+ high image quality and durability products to provide yet another avenue for customers looking to expand and maximize their business through the use of aqueous printing.”"

The most rigid POSPRO+ media

InteliCoat Technologies introduced MAGIC POS PRO 400+ , the optimum design for long lasting, durable trade show graphics. Pospro+400 is a matte 16.2 mil, printable, anti-curl, blockout film that is specifically designed for
universal printing. This includes aqueous, solvent, eco solvent and UV cure printing systems.

POSPRO400+ was designed specifically for use in trade show graphic applications where rigidity is key. MAGIC POS PRO+ 400 is the most
rigid product
within the POSPRO+ family of products and will replace POSPRO300+ and POSPRO350+.

A satin alternative for banner stand applications.

Pospro satin fényzáró szatén molinóA lot of roll-up users claims a a little more glossy roll-up banner than the matte POS-PRO+ banners. Intelicoat's answer is the
addition of Magic® POS PRO+ Satin™, a satin 10 mil, printable, anti-curl, blockout film can specifically
designed for aqueous printing, to its POS PRO+ product family. POS PRO+ Satin features high image
quality and durability, making it a cost-effective solution for indoor applications such as promotional rollup
signage and point-of-sale displays.

Designed for aqueous pigment printing systems such as Epson, Canon and Hewlett-Packard, POS PRO+ Satin offers a satin alternative for banner stand applications. It is fast drying, scratch resistant and has a high level of rigidity, allowing the product to remain flat for an extended period of time.

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