Wasatch supports the HP Designjet L25500

Wasatch supports the HP Designjet L25500

Wasatch Releases Support for the HP Designjet L25500

Wasatch Computer Technology has released support for the new HP Designjet L25500 printer. Drivers for this new latex printer are included in the January 4th release of Wasatch SoftRIP and the Wasatch SoftRIP HP Exclusive Edition.

Hewlett-Packard certified software

In addition to providing support for the HP Designjet L25500, the full-featured SoftRIP HP Exclusive Edition now includes support for all the older HP solvent printers at no extra charge. It is a powerful and cost effective way for SoftRIP users to manage all their HP Designjet printers with a single RIP.

With its 16-bit color rendering pipeline, Precision Stochastic Screens halftone method, and powerful print controls, SoftRIP helps HP users achieve excellent color and high quality output. SoftRIP also includes features for sophisticated color management, intuitive direct-to-layout workflows, and automated Smart Nesting, making it the perfect solution for any production environment.

The following drivers are also included in the January 4th release of Wasatch SoftRIP:

  • Océ Arizona 250 GT driver (special registration code required)
  • Vinyl Express Qe60+ cutting driver (Contour Cutting code required)
  • Updated Konica Minolta Nassenger 6 driver to fix a problem with the Interleave control in certain resolutions
  • Updated Infiniti America drivers to add an option to launch the manufacturer's controls from the printer properties page
  • Updated Graphtec FC-8000 driver to add the cross-cutting feature
  • Updated Graphtec FC-7000, Graphtec FC-8000, and Vinyl Express Q-Series drivers to address an issue with manual registration
  • Updated Dilli NeoTitan 1606ws and NeoTitan 1606vs to include the "auto-generate White from traced areas" option

RIP Certification
Wasatch SoftRIP is fully certified for the HP DesignJet L25500 under the HP RIP Certification Program.

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