Largeformat Cutters


Gielle multimaterial cutters

  • Gielle CIAK Professional is a professional portable cutting and trimming bar. The most beautiful, easy-to-use and original metric line on the market.
    a simple cut only
  • Gielle CIAK Power is a horizontal multimaterial cutter. No effort in cutting! Cutting thickness upto 20 mm.
    Gielle CIAK Power
  • GLADIUM and GLADIUM MAXXI from Gielle are multifunctional vertical trimmers/cutters. Innovative solution, state of the art Italian technology. For cardboard, foamboard, glass, acryl, mirror, forex, aluminium and much more. Cut with blade or saw.
    universal trimmer to cut sheets

Neolt cutters

Neolt welding machines

  • NeoWeld impulse welding machines designed to meet the production needs of sign-makers and professionals in the digital printing, indoor/outdoor advertising and POS communication.
    Neolt Neoweld pulse welding machine
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