CAD Bond

CAD Bond

Bright white, uncoated CAD bond

  • colour and monochrome inkjet plotters
  • pen plotters
  • PPC/LED laser printers
  • manual drawings

tekercs papirCAD Paper 80 g/sqm

The smooth, uniform surface of this high-contrast opaque bond is the perfect choice for economical everyday plotting. The surface is engineered to provide excellent solid fills and smooth, crisp linework.

It's the most popular choice for inkjet CAD printing.

CAD Paper 90 g/sqm

This premium opaque paper features a heavier base that offer excellent durability and superior imaging for those requiring a higher quality. It's a perfect choice for presentations or when durability is required.

Price: 0,00Ft

Weight Roll
Roll Width
297 mm 420 mm 610 mm 914 mm 1067 mm
CAD Bond
(Mono Opaque)
80 g/m2 50 m O O x x O
91 m x x x x O
CAD Bond
(Premium Uncoated)
90 g/m2 50 m x x x x
91 m x x x x O

X: stock item

O: on order only

n/a: not available

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