Class VI certified materials for ProJet™ series 3D printers

Class VI certified materials for ProJet™ series 3D printers

USP Class VI VisiJet® plastic materials for dental and medical applications.

3D Systems expands its healthcare solutions reach with biocompatible materials.

3D Systems (the producer of ProJet series professional 3D printers) announced that a selection of VisiJet plastic materials have met the requirements of USP Class VI certification testing. These materials are now suitable for approved applications in the medical industries.

class VI dental drill The 3D printing materials listed below are ideal for a number of healthcare related applications:

  • 3D printing of dental and orthopedic surgical guides
  • 3D printing of one day crown prep guides.
  • Prototyping and testing of medical devices
  • Intraoral surgical guides used during dental procedures
  • Study models used in the operating room during surgical procedures
  • Pill packaging guides and molds
  • Use of parts in other medical applications

The following table lists the VisiJet® material that are USP Class VI certified and the applicable 3D Printers:

Material Compatible 3D Systems
VisiJet Crystal Plastic Material ProJet SD 3500, HD 3500 & HD 3500plus
VisiJet Stoneplast Plastic Material ProJet MP 3500
VisiJet Clear Plastic Material ProJet 6000, ProJet 7000
VisiJet EX200 Plastic Material ProJet SD 3000, HD 3000 & HD3000plus
VisiJet MP200 Plastic Material ProJet MP 3000

Click here to access downloadable USP Class VI certification documents and cleaning guides from 3D Systems.

It is the responsibility of each customer to independently determine that use of VisiJet Crystal material for their specific application is safe, lawful and technically suitable. Customers should conduct their own testing to ensure compliance with any specific requirements.

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