PageDrop - scan where you need it.

PageDrop - scan where you need it.

New cloud solution from Contex

Cloud based mobile app for Contex scannersAvailable with all Contex IQ 2490 A1-size scanners shipping from 23rd January 2013. PageDrop is an easy, user friendly way to perfom single scans without a scanning software, when working on simple scanning tasks. As a Web App PageDrop is supported on any smartphone or tablet with a QR reader and a browser. Any PageDrop enabled IQ 2490 scanner becomes your personal scanner. Your preferences and destinations follow you and your mobile device. PageDrop places your scanned documents directly where you need them  (e-mail, DropBox, HP ePrint, Amazon, Autodesk 360, Google Drive) - everytime. PageDrop is a unique Contex Web App and requires Internet access for the scanner.

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