Wasatch SoftRIP version 7.5

Wasatch SoftRIP version 7.5

new user interface & color database capabilities powerfully address new markets


Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.5 introduces a new Thumbnail Browser that provides a visual alternative to searching RIP and Print Queues, a selection to import CIE Lab colors from CxF software such as PANTONE® Color Manager, the ability to add up to eight Print Queues, enhancements to the Automation Option, and more exciting features that improve color workflow.

New Thumbnail Browser

It is now easier than ever to search RIP and Print Queues thanks to the new Wasatch Thumbnail Browser. The visual search will display all RIP or Print entries by thumbnail so you can instantly find the desired print job or layout.

This new smart tool provides users a visual alternative to searching for a particular job while maintaining the essential options found in the standard Wasatch Queues. Selection of a print job in the Thumbnail Browser will bring up a variety of options including RIP, Print, Add to Layout, Properties, and more.

Color Databases

Efficiently import large color databases into Wasatch for complete color control throughout your workflow. SoftRIP Version 7.5 can now import CIE Lab colors from Color Exchange Format (CxF) software such as PANTONE Color Manager.

In addition, Color Databases can be shared among imaging configurations. Import saved Color Databases from the Special Colors window to improve color workflows when using specific spot colors with different imaging configurations.

Expand Production

Rapidly increase print production with the ability to drive up to eight printers from one SoftRIP license. Version 7.5 includes two print queues with the option to add up to a total of eight print queues at an extra cost. This makes scaling production more flexible and efficient with this add-on feature.


Deploying Automation features in Wasatch just got easier. For Version 7.5, Wasatch partnered up with real-world, high-production facilities to make our Automation Option increasingly user-friendly. Improvements include email status reporting, printing on-demand with barcodes and automating web-to-print orders.

Additional Features and Printer Support

Adjustments to the Curves in the Color Correction window allow you to make changes to image input data. Now Curve adjustments are capable of a precision of 0.2%. This version also includes improvements to the Table Cutting Option to further advance cutting workflows.

Wasatch has added additional printer drivers including the d.gen Artix H8, Robustelli MonnaLisa Evo3, Mimaki Tx300P, Dilli H1600, Locor Ultra 1601, Neuralabel 300X, Roland Texart RT-640 and XT-640, Epson SureColor P5000, and many more.


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