Coner MGrav 0505 Pro engraving machine

Coner MGrav 0505 Pro engraving machine

Professional, robust CNC engraving machine

MGrav 0505 Pro engraving machine

Coner MGrav 0505 Pro is a PC-controlled, mechanical CNC engraving machine, small size milling machine.

Designed for machining aluminum, plastics and any non-ferrous material. Applications: industrial signage, 3D engraving, PCB prototyping, aluminum machining.

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Coner MGrav Pro

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MGrav 0505 Pro
working range X * Y 500 * 500 mm
working height Z 150 mm
construction Steel welded construction
160*160 mm reinforced aluminium gantry.
working surface Aluminium T-groove table.
linear guides XYZ Precise trapezoid rail guide with ball bearings.
drive Stepper motors or digital servos.
drive transmission Drive transmission in X, Y, Z axis - ball screw
positioning accuracy below 0.05 mm.
repeatability below 0.05 mm.
velocity 8.000 mm/min (20.000 mm/min - servo)
supported files DXF, HPGL, HPGL2.5, G-CODE.
communication with PC USB port
safety Main safety switch and three limit switches located on every axis
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