DecorFlex Coat Hybrid foam protection coating

DecorFlex Coat Hybrid foam protection coating

coat hibrid exterior

DecorFlex Coat Hybrid exterior foam coating

aesthetic - hard - strong - flexible

DecorFlex Coat Hybrid is an extremely flexible and durable weather-resistant multipolymer-coating for EPS and XPS facade profiles. Door- and window frames, decorative elements, cornices, crown mouldings, belt profiles, sill profiles can be covered with this protective coating with the help of an automatic Foam Mouldings Coating Machine.
Use nanopolymer hardened polystirene elements instead of fragile gypsum cornices.

Ready-to-use protective coating for mass production.

This mass is designed to luting fusion of decorative profiles. It can be used for filling cavities and leveling the surface of decorative profiles. It includes suspension of inorganic filler in polymer binder with intentional additives. Hydrosoluble and it doesn’t include organic solvents. It is intended for use outside and inside.

For the protection of classic cornices, gothic crown mouldings, arch foam elements, keystones, pilasters base and capitals, wall-medallion and other non-linear elements use our DecorFlex Premix binder plus quartz sand combination. For economical reasons we sell the binder only, please, buy the quartz sand locally.

Price: 0,00Ft

DecorFlex Coat Hybrid

hybrid coating of polymer compound containing silica sand


natural silica sand

Use for coating for external profiles


35 kg - bucket

Density [g/cm3]

1,9 - 2,0

pH of the mass

7 - 8

Content of non-volatile substances [% m/m]

88,0 - 92,0

Absorption of the mass [%]


Mass resistance on exposure to light quartz lamps with a power of 400 W within 12 hours

no change

Grip weight to the styrofoam [MPa]
- able to dry-air
- after saturation with water

≥0,15 or break in styrofoam
≥0,15 or break in styrofoam

Resistance to impact of weight able to dry-air [J]


Mass resistance on exposure to atmospheric conditions [MPa]

≥0,20 or break in styrofoam

Resistance on exposure to temperature variables for 5 cycles

≥0,20 or break in styrofoam

Frost resistance of mass [MPa]

≥0,20 or break in styrofoam

Resistance to high temperature of 50 ± 2°C for 5 days [MPa]

≥0,20 or break in styrofoam

Hybrid 01 Hybrid 02
Main features sun resistant
water resistant
highly flexible
sun resistant
100%  water resistant
highly flexible
Thickness of the layer max. 3 mm max. 2 mm
Sand granulation size max. 8 mm max. 8 mm


The outer filler DecorFlex Coat Hybrid was tested by The Centre of Research and Development - Paints, Adhesives and Polymers SPEKTROCHEM and meets the requirements of the standards: PN-EN 15824:2009, PN-91/B-10105, PN-B-10106:1997.

Spektrochem clearance No. 80/2011.

stirHow to apply

Before applying the mass use a slow-rotating drilling machine equipped with a stirrer for mixing. The mass must not be diluted. Do the job at an ambient temperature of 10°C to 30°C on a not sunny and dry surface.

Hybrid 01 blending time: 8 min, 650 revolutions per minute using vaned disk.
Hybrid 02 blending time: 5 min, 650 revolutions per minute using vaned disk.
Hybrid 03 blending time: 4 min, 550-560 revolutions per minute using 24cm vaned disk.

Drying temperature: 15°C - 25°C. Drying time: 24h/1mm.

After complete drying gives up her grind. Clean tools with tap water immediately after completion of the works.

Recommended coating thickness:
Hybrid 01: max. 3 mm.
Hybrid 02: max. 2 mm.
Hybrid 03: max. 3 mm.


In the original packaging the product retains its properties for 12 months from the date of manufacture. Keep at a temperature of 10°C to 40°C in factory sealed packages. Protect from frost and excessive sun exposure! The product is not flammable.

Large capacity over head stirrer


S2 Protect from children.
S20 At work do not eat or smoke.
S24 Avoid contact with skin.
S25 Avoid contact with eyes.
S26 Contaminated with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
S27 Dirty and soaked the packaging immediately stripped.
S28 In case of skin contact immediately wash with water and soap.
S40 The floor and soiled items to clean using water with a detergent.
S45 In case of accident or malaise, immediately call your doctor and show the label.
S46 If swallowed, immediately seek medical advice - show label and packaging.

Jobb oldali blokkok


Keystones and decoration elements can be protected with DecorFlex Premix.

nanopolimer bevonat

A2 tűzállóság
fire resistant

vízálló, esőálló
water resistant

UV-álló, napsugárzás-álló, fényálló
light resistant

gyorsan szárad
quick drying

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