DecorFlex Glue cement-dispersive glue

DecorFlex Glue cement-dispersive glue

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DecorFlex Glue cement-dispersive polystyrene glue

Two components glue is used to mount coated decorative EPS and XPS profiles.

Characterized by high adhesion and flexibility.

For outdoor use.

EPS, XPS glue
Ingredient A (1kg) it is wet mix + Ingredient B (3 kg) it is dry mix.

Price: 0,00Ft

DecorFlex Glue
Description 2-component cement-dispersive polystyrene glue
Order code A-CD4




3 kg + 1 kg


Made in EU

Component B:

Bulk density [g/cm3]


Moisture content [% m/m]


Component A:

Density [g/cm3]


Content of non-volatile substances [% m/m]

31,0 ± 0,2



Time flow out of the cup with conical bottom nozzle diameter 2 mm [s]


Ingredient A and B after mixing:

Open time [h]


Ability of wetting expanded polystyrene (APT)



Weld adhesive, group attached with glue
(Grip team, styrofoam fixed glue  to the ground concrete) [MPa]

- after 24 hours 0,15
- after 48 hours break in polystyrene foam
- after 28 days break in polystyrene foam
- after 2 hours of soaking in water break in polystyrene foam
- after 25 cycles of freezing and thawing break in polystyrene foam
Adhesion after 28 days of ceramic tiles attached with glue [MPa] 3,8
The flexibility of the adhesive joints [mm] 30
The relative diffusion resistance of the adhesive joints [m] 0,8
Resistance on exposure to temperature variables for 25 cycles, the behavior of pin connectors no change
Capillary pull up [kg/m2*24 h] 0,22 ± 0,04
Resistance to impact a hard mass with armed mesh with thermal insulation [cm] 100
no change
The strength of adhesive joints on picking off the ground the concrete, air drying weld in 5°C [MPa] 3,5
The strength of adhesive joints on picking off the ground the concrete, air drying weld in 20°C [MPa] 3,9


DecorFlex Glue was tested by The Centre of Research and Development - Paints, Adhesives and Polymers SPEKTROCHEM in accordance with the methodology of their research for determining the quality of adhesives for the attachment of decorative stucco styrofoam. Studies suggest that it complies with the provisions of declared parameters and is useful for mounting of decorative polystyrene moldings.

Spektrochem clearance No. S-75/2012.


How to apply

Prior to use add the component A to the component B. Miix it manually or by a drilling machine. Wait 5-10 minutes and mix again. The adhesive should be applied undiluted by using your putty knife or trowel stainless steel.
The work done at the base and ambient temperature of 10-30 o C on not sunny surface, days free from rain and fog. Clean tools with tap water immediately after finishing the work.


In its original packaging the product retains its properties for 6 months from the date of manufacture. Keep at a temperature of 10-40 oC in factory sealed packages.
Protect from frost and excessive sun exposure !


Xi Irritant product.
S2 Protect from children.
S22 Do not breathe dust.
S26 Contaminated with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
S46 If swallowed, immediately seek medical advice - show label and packaging.
S36/37/39 Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye or face protection.

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