HOLDON MIDI - Best in Test

HOLDON MIDI - Best in Test

Heavy duty instant reusable clip-on eyelet

Holdon® MIDI tarpclip has been awarded "Best in Test" by the Swedish Boating Magazine "Praktiskt Båtägande", with an overall score of 5/5.

Ten products were evaluated based on quality, user-friendliness, grip performance and reusability, and Holdon MIDI clip was presented as the test winner.

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The magazine writes:
”The Swedish manufactured and patented Holdon Midi wipes the floor with competitors, even in their own ranks. With a design that enables a one-hand grip, durable reinforced nylon and fine details, it is a real joy to work with. A wedge makes sure the grip becomes stronger the more the load increases. Well thought-out and priceworthy."

Original article of the test.

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