ClearShield Anti-Graffiti Coating

ClearShield Anti-Graffiti Coating

Liquid laminate against vandalism: ClearShield Anti-Graffiti

ClearShield Anti-Graffiti is a 2-component, water-based liquid laminate with excellent chemical resistance. It is well suited for high performance applications where hardness, flexibility and abrasion resistance is required. This coating has excellent UV resistance thereby permitting use in severe exterior applications.

ClearShield Anti-Graffiti is the perfect coating for applications in areas where there is a high risk of vandalism from graffiti. ClearShield Anti-Graffiti may be cleaned with a range of solvents.
Tipp: Clearshield Graffiti Remover Citrus allows a quick, environmentally friendly removal of graffiti.

ClearShield Anti-Graffiti has been tested against several common chemicals. It shows no effect on a 10 minute spot test done with the following chemicals: Acetone, Toluene, Gasoline, Ammonia (5%) as well as withstanding 200+ double rubs of MEK.

Two components: ClearShield Anti-Graffiti  and CX-100 cross linking agent. Activated material has a pot life of 4-6 hours and will gel after that time. Anti-Graffiti cannot be reactivated.

ClearShield Anti-Graffiti Liquid Laminate is available in Gloss.

Easy to apply with a roller, spray or automated equipment.

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