blade and saw in a universal trimmer - cut better, easier, faster

Gielle GladiumGielle GLADIUM is a multifunctional vertical cutter with innovative features and state of the art Italian technology.

GLADIUM is designed to cut vertically a lot of sheet materials used in picture framing field, after-print field, etc.

Comfortable & affordable: Gladium Maxxi trimmer allows to cut 2*3 m panels with operator's feet on the ground.

Less scraps and more productivity..

Gielle universal trimmer

Gielle GLADIUM MAXXI - cutter for the XXI century

board, sheet: cut
  • backboards, mountboards (max. 3 mm)
  • glass, mirror (max. 6 mm)
  • light passepartout (max. 10 mm)
  • passepartout (max. 3 mm)
  • crilex, plexi (max. 3 mm)
  • foamboard, laminil (max. 10 mm)
  • ready-fix (max.5 mm)
  • dibond*, alubond*, alucobond* alu composite panel (max. 10 mm)
  • carton, cardboard (double wave max. 10 mm)
  • aluminium* (max. 6 mm)
  • MDF* (max. 10 mm)
  • flexible polycarbonate* (max. 5 mm)
  • corrugated plastic* (max. 10 mm)

* Can be cut with Rebel motor saw, by one stroke only and without any effort.

GLADIUM is the only multimaterial cutting machine wich is able to cut passepartouts at 45° (with an optional tool).

With the optional Rebel motorized saw cutting of hard materials will be simple and fast.

Watch this video! How to precisly cut boards with a Gladium trimmer! (Switch on English subtitles.)

Gladium and Gladium Maxxi cutters come with two years warranty!

Gielle S.a.s.

Price: 0,00Ft

Gladium Gladium Maxxi
Machine height 215 cm 270 cm
Machine width 225 cm 250 cm
Max. sheet height 155 cm 210 cm
Weight 50 kg 80 kg
Shipping size 80x220x35 cm
Shipping weight 60 kg

It allows the operator to square the machine. Thanks to it the cuts are always at 90°.

It allows the operator to regulate the blade measure.

It allows the operator to regulate the bearings. The trolley movement will be smooth forever.


The horizontal and vertical bars are equipped with setting scales in order to allow simple and quick on size cuts.


The operator can set the cutting depth on the depth display (right on photo).


You don't need a stair to set the knife in the material you need to cut.

Optional accessories make Gladium a really universal panel trimmer. You need one equipment only to cut, trim most of panels, sheets used on print and decor market, graphic industry.

Rebel saw

Gladium is the only machine in the world market to have a motor saw as an option. You can understand that the motor saw cuts better, faster and nicer than the traditional blades.

Passepartout cutter

To cut 45° passepartout sheet for framing


A nightmare: a not properly aligned image. The optional Leonardo accessory allows to cut not only squared images inside squared sheets but unsquared images inside squared sheets too. Gladium is the only one that able to do that. The other machines can only cut streight. Gladium can cut the way you need it.

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