• Der SD One+ ist ein Desktop-Großformatscanner mit überzeugenden Leistungsmerkmalen. Sparen Sie Platz und Zeit beim betriebsinternen Scannen großformatiger technischer und Konstruktionszeichnungen.
    SD One + economic lf scanner
  • The economic way for large format scanning, copying and communicating.
    A1-size, easy-to-use, high resolution, robust color scanner.
  • Compact, portable 36” scanners. Lightweight design, ease of use and very attractive price. A must-have scanner for any office that wants to save time and money by scanning oversized maps and A0+ drawings, documents in-house.
    Contex SD3600 36 inch portable scanner
  • IQ 4400 large-format scanners with new market leading CIS quality for maps and technical documents - up to 44" wide. They offer you an outstanding collaborative workflow whether you work with in-house scanning activities or in project groups of global players.
    IQ 4400 CIS scanner

Contex Software

  • With Nextimage scanning software you can scan, copy or collaborate in a snap with the latest edition of the award winning multi-function wide format software. Nextimage is designed to bring out every detail in your originals while protecting them for future use.
  • Free solution. Cloud based scanning. Any PageDrop enabled Contex scanner can send documents directly to your preferred destinations.

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