Tekercs nyomathordozók széles-formátumú tintasugaras nyomtatókhoz

nyomtatható médium, inkjet media

Intelicoat Magic Display (Wasserbasierender Druck)

Intelicoat Magiclée Fine Art (Wasserbasierender Druck)

Museo Fine Art Media (Wasserbasierender Druck)

Intelicoat Magic Solvent (Solvent, Eco-Solvent & UV Druck)

Canon (Wasserbasierender Druck)

  • Original LFP media from Canon. 432 mm - 1524 mm width.

Felix Schoeller Foto, Proof (Wasserbasierender Druck)

Regulus (Wasserbasierender Druck)

  • A professional banner stand has to fulfil three basic requirements: the colour representation has to be outstanding, the material has to be curl-free and light from the back should not shine through. All of the Regulus films, from budget to high-end, ensure the most professional look for your banner stand.
    Regulus banner

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