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HingeHandle is the perfect solution to create low cost 'A' boards quickly.

Create very low cost utility pavement or 'A' board signs with the minimum of fuss in a matter of minutes.
A heavy duty nylon steel reinforced hinge moulding, used to attach 2 rigid substrate sign boards in an 'A' configuration.

HingeHandle is the cheapest, easiest and quickest way to make strong, good quality 'A' boards.

A combination 'hinge and handle' creates a low cost, quick build 'A' frame pavement or indoor floor sign - just bolt on foam, ply or composite boards.

'A-board' with HingeHandle and SignFoot
  • A practical and pleasing design
  • Quick build
  • Special T-bolts included
  • Low overall labour and materials sign cost
  • Rotates through 330o for printing on all sides
  • Versatile: use in singles or more for very large signs
  • Building requires no special skills
  • No special tools required
  • Strong construction
  • Two sizes available: 30cm & 40 cm

Pavement Sign
Price: 0,00Ft

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Easy to make an A-board

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