Benefits of Foamcutting

  • Easy to cut blocks and sheets of foam into variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Make large statuesque letters or any sign and three dimensional objects.
  • You can fasten the ultra light objects to any surface even to glass.
  • Your products are easily paintable.
  • Low cost of materials (polystyrene).
foamcutting, hot wire foamcutter

Coner hot wire foamcutters

  • ThermoCut Easy foam cutters are light construction, inexpensive alternatives to the PRO prefessional series.
    cheap foam cutter
  • ThermoCut Pro computer-driven hotwire foam-cutters to cut 3D foam shapes from EPS and XPS foams.
    A comprehensive three-dimensional shape cutting solution for businesses. Low-cost production from advertising to architecture.
    hot wire foam cutter
  • The ThermoCut MW15 can operate with up to 15 cutting wires. Building decoration, manufacture of decorative mouldings. Serial production of skirtings, lippings, packing materials.
  • Special hotwire foamcutter to cut arches from EPS or XPS sheets.
  • 4-axis CNC router for EPS polystyrene. Make unique sculptures, 3D decoration from EPS!
    Make unique sculptures, 3D decoration from EPS!

Fastwire foamcutters

DecorFlex flexible surface protecting system

DecorFlex is a flexible and durable coating system for EPS and XPS foam decorating elements.

  • DecorFlex Coat Hybrid is an extremely flexible and durable weather-resistant coating for EPS and XPS facade profiles.
  • DecorFlex Premix is designed for coating decorative elements manufactured from EPS & XPS.
  • Decorflex Seal "Reinforcing mesh" is used to arm and renovating of scratches and cracks in the plaster and cracks in plasterboard or cracks in fireplaces. It's also used to lute connection of stucco. It is a water-dilutable product.
  • DecorFlex Glue is a two-component cement-disperse glue for attaching DecorFlex coated styrofoam profiles to the wall and to each other.

Coating machine

  • Linear EPS foam coater machine to produce high strength elevation decoration elements, mouldings. Make durable outdoor polystyrene profiles.
    elevation profiles coating machine
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