DMBL5: Top product of 2011

DMBL5: Top product of 2011

the best backlit film

Wide-Format Imaging's 2011 Top Product Awards

The Sixth Annual Wide-Format Imaging Top Products Awards feature the breakthrough products that have caused the most excitement in the industry and have been a valuable asset to wide- and grand-format businesses over the last year. Wide-Format Imaging’s Top Products Awards will recognize the products that are doing the most for a PSP's bottom line.

a legjobb termék
Magic DMBL5 Backlit Film
from InteliCoat Technologies won in Backlit Media category.

"It is a great honor that the readers of Wide-Format Imaging voted to recognize Magic DMBL5 satin backlit film with this prestigious award. DMBL5 represents the next generation of backlit film. Unlike most backlits, which offer a matte finish, DMBL5 features a satin finish that allows for greater densities off the printer, especially in reflective light even when the display is not backlit. The product's innovative micropourous inkjet coating technology also enables water resistance, which is unique with satin/glossy finished products."

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