Spiders are coming

Spiders are coming

For the smallest details to digitize.

Artec announced a brand new 3D scanner for CAD applications. The new Spider will be a white-light lightweight handheld equipment.

  • Extraordinary accuracy and resolution: Now you will be able to scan sharp edges and thin ribs. Such objects as injection molding parts, tiny insects, human ears, coins, art objects, PCBs. This scanner will be perfect for CAD users.
  • Ability to capture color.
  • Ease of use. Artec Spider supports the latest version of Artec Studio 9.0 software.

Artec Spider has one USB 2.0 and one power supply. It is compatible with Artec battery and it's working time was greatly extended.

Artec Spider will be available to purchase from May 2013, but makeing reservations is possible. The new 3D scanner will replace the Artec S 3D scanner.

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