ArchCut special foamcutter

ArchCut special foamcutter


Special hotwire foamcutter to cut arches from EPS or XPS sheets.

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  • Power supply: 1-phase 230V AC 500VA
  • Number of cutting wires: 1
  • Wire type: KANTHAL 1.5mm
  • Minimal wire length: 20cm
  • Cutting speed (adjustable): 20 - 100cm/min
  • Temperature adjustment: 10-99%
  • Drive: 2 phase stepper motor
  • Mechanical construction: aluminium profiles and aluminium table
  • Electronic controller: steel box
  • Electronic controller size: 300x300x200mm
  • Manual control from control panel

Wich one to choose?

ArchCut is a special machine for 'C' or 'S' shaped decorelements. To produce straight building decoration use the ThermoCut Pro hotwire foamcutter.

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