Neofold HS sheet folder

Neofold HS sheet folder

Electrical automatic sheet folder machineAutomatic and versatile folder machine

  • reliable
  • high productivity
Need to fold a lot of A0 plans, large maps, largeformat drawings?
Neofold HS is suitable for normal, thermal and plotter papers from 80 to 110 gr.

Recommended for copy centres and print offices where technical drawings are produced or copied. Can handle large numbers of paper sheets.

Modern design and the structure is sound. No limits in the format for drawings folding, regardless of the length, and having standard DIN formats. Folding pitch 190 and 210 mm with adjustable margins via keyboard. Cross fold 297 mm to 305 mm in the length. Selectable anterior or posterior paper output. Selected format visualised on a two digits display.

2 versions with maximum paper width:

  • Neofold 920 HS: 950mm;
  • Neofold 1250 HS: 1250mm.

Folding speed A0 format in 5 sec.

ár, rendelés Neofold HS high speed folder machine is available from Digit webshop!

Price: 0,00Ft
NEOFOLD 920 HS 1250 HS
Max. paper width 950 mm 1250 mm
Working speed 35 meter/min.
Folding speed 5 sec. / A0 sheet
Paper types normal, sensitive, plotter paper
Material weight 80-110g/m2
Folding methods normal, aligned, compensated with or without borders (20- 25- 30 mm), normed DIN 824: A3 (420*297), A2 (594*420), A1 (841*594), A0 (1189*841), 2A0 (1682*1189); cross fold
Power supply 230 V - 50/60 Hz / 110 V - 50/60 Hz
Noise 60 dB(A), csúcs 70 dB(A)

Dimensions (L*W*H)

1320*1040*1000 mm 1630*1040*1000 mm
Machine weight 130 kg 155 kg
Consumption max. 3A

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