ClearShield Water Based UV Coating

ClearShield Water Based UV Coating

Liquid laminate

Clear coatings, also called liquid laminates, are an inexpensive way to protect billboards, prints, fine art, signs, banners, awnings and other products. Liquid laminates are cost-effective, easy to apply, and do not require extensive equipment.

Marabu - Clearstar CoatingsMarabu North America (Clearstar Coatings) liquid laminates feature the most current innovations in ultraviolet light absorbers and light stabilizers that offer protection for many products.

Use liquid laminates for:

  • printed and airbrushed products
  • digital inkjet prints
  • traditional signage and graphic art applications

ClearStar clear coatings - ClearShield® and ClearJet® - are premium grade, high-performance laminates.

Major benefits of clear coatings:

  • protect inks from ultraviolet exposure
  • protect inks from abrasion and marring
  • provide resistance to chemicals and water
  • clear coatings enhance the color


liquid laminateClearShield clear liquid laminate for non-water-sensitive ink / media combinations. You can apply ClearShield liquid laminates over solvent-based inks and most water-based printing systems, like piezo inkjet and thermo inkjet with pigmented inks. ClearShield® is available in several versions.

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CLEARSHIELD ® Canvas Guard
Waterproof canvas applications (highly flexible)

Clearshiled Type C ClearShield Canvas Guard is a waterbased liquid laminate for the Fine Art and Giclee industries.

ClearShield Canvas Guard is the ideal protection coating for Giclee canvas applications. It's flexibile, so the clear coating won't crack on stretched canvas. ClearShield laminate is formulated to work on micro porous and porous ink jet receptive layers. It reduces or eliminates pinholes normally encountered when applying Liquid Laminates to inkjet coated canvas. Canvas Guard is formulated to be used over water-resistant canvas printed with pigmented inks. ClearShield can be applied with almost all techniques, including most automated equipment. Satin is best applied by spray or liquid lamination equipment.

For gel coated and other water sensitive canvas and dye-based inks use ClearJet Fine Art liquid coatings.


Code Product Finish Product
WBCGCAN1T ClearShield Canvas Guard Gloss gloss 1 liter
WBCGCAN5L ClearShield Canvas Guard Gloss gloss 5 liter
WBCLGCAN1L ClearShield Canvas Guard Satin satin 30o 1 liter
WBCLGCAN5L ClearShield Canvas Guard Satin satin 30o 5 liter

How To Apply

We recommend using either a high-density foam roller or a 3/16" short-nap roller. Saturate the roller with ClearShield Canvas Guard and then allow the access coating to fall back into the tray. The coating should not be dripping off the roller. Apply one thin coat, moving from one side of the canvas to the other. It is not necessary to have a wet, saturated film across the entire surface. Allow the first thin coat to dry to the touch. This should take about 30 minutes to an hour. Apply a second thin to medium coat in the same manner as the first: from side to side.

Marabu vászon védelem

Marabu Clear Shield Canvas Guard is the successor of ClearStar ClearShield Canvas type C.


Clear liquid laminate for non-water-sensitive ink/media combinations

Code Product Finish Packaging
WBCG1L ClearShield Classic Gloss gloss 1 liter
WBCG5L ClearShield Classic Gloss gloss 5 liter
WBCSG1L ClearShield Classic Semi-gloss semi-gloss 1 liter
WBCSG5L ClearShield Classic Semi-gloss semi-gloss 5 liter

How To Apply

ClearShield Classic can be applied by hand with a brush or roll application. Using the coating as supplied, brush and roll onto your print using a short-nap roller or a high-density foam roller. Apply two coats, waiting approximately an hour in between coats for the coating to completely dry.

Marabu Classic felkenése festőhengerrel

You may know it previously as ClearShield Standard.

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ClearShield Liquid Laminates offer the same protection as film laminates while saving as much as 60% in production cost.

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