Wasatch SoftRIP TX

Wasatch SoftRIP TX

Wasatch SoftRIP TX - Digital Fabric Printing Toolkit

SoftRIP TX is equipped with the tools you need to make your transition to digital RIP printing seamless. This special edition is packed with tools for step and repeat, spot color atlas printing, and colorway management.

Efficient Repeats
Creating repeats in your design applications creates huge files and painful processing times. Wasatch's advanced re-sampling produces repeats without even the faintest visible seam, and since you only need to save and RIP a very small file you save gigabytes on your hard drive. You can even customize your repeats with advanced drop and slide controls.

Color Atlas Generator
The Color Atlas Generator makes it easy to match colors accurately no matter how complicated your post processing. Simply specify and print a range of color swatches on your target fabric and perform your finishing steps. To reproduce exact colors, pick your desired swatch and enter its RGB value into SoftRIP or your graphics application.

Quick Colorways
Developed for the multiple colorways and indexed TIFF files typical of fabric designs, SoftRIP TX allows you to create, view, edit and manage multiple colorways on screen. With Wasatch's easy, intuitive interface you can easily store unlimited colorways for future use.

Color Database and Swatchbook
The Color Database feature enables you to maintain your own Color Kitchen of named entries. Colors can be routed through ICC management or direct to print heads as suits your needs.

Digital Engraving Data Support
Accept grayscale LAB TIFF files, then assign and edit color palettes prior to composite color output. Colorways can be assigned using LAB values and maintained in SoftRIP TX's color database.

Based on the Power of SoftRIP
With SoftRIP TX the underlying structure is still SoftRIP, the leading digital graphic arts RIP. With simple setup, intuitive workflow, and powerful printing controls, SoftRIP saves you time and money while producing excellent quality color. Whatever your printing goals, you will succeed with SoftRIP.


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Key Textile Features

  • Specialized re-sampling and halftoning eliminates seams between repeats
  • RIP only a single repeat pattern, efficiently repeating it during printing
  • Easy tools to manage and create multiple colorways
  • Color Database feature lets you maintain your own Color Kitchen of named entries
  • Ability to route colors through ICC management or direct to print heads
  • Digital Engraving Data uses grayscale LAB TIFF files, and lets you specify color prior to composite color output
  • Profiling features to get the most out of your 3rd party Color Management software
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