CIAK Professional horizontal cutter

CIAK Professional horizontal cutter

just push & cut

Gielle CIAK Professional

csak a CIAK

professional portable cutting and trimming bar

galvanized aluminium "ruler", adjustable blade

CIAK Professional cuts and trims paper, light carton, single and double wave carton, hard cardboard (3 mm.), light panel, grey board, foam board, laminil, corrugated plastic, Sintrex, Kapa, Ready fix and many other materials up to 12.5 mm.

It cuts plexiglass and PVC. With optional cutting head you can cut glass and mirror.

Easy to use table-top substrate cutter.

  • Different blades to cut many materials

  • Cutting blade fast change

  • Saving blades system

  • Minimum maintenance and dust free operations

  • Adjustable sliding trolley: long time high performances

  • Racing Design by Gielle

5 Years Warranty

You can take CIAK with you, wherever you go.
Can be fixed to worktables with optional accessories.

CIAK Professional trimmers
(cutting length)
we recommend to
CIAK 80 PROFESSIONAL 85 cm for photographers
CIAK 105 PROFESSIONAL 110 cm for framers
CIAK 125 PROFESSIONAL 130 cm for framers, graphic professionals
CIAK 155 PROFESSIONAL 160 cm universal purpose for print & press studios
CIAK 255 PROFESSIONAL 260 cm ideal for producing pop-up and roll-up banners
CIAK 305 PROFESSIONAL 310 cm the largest one
There are two models, Ciak Professional and Ciak Power, seven different sizes each, many options to make the machine be a squaring machine, a glass and mirror cutting machine, a table-clamped tool etc. Ciak can be used as an independent unit or clamped to a table.
pontosan beállítható vágási mélység két állítható ütköző a fix méretre vágáshoz
accurate cutting depth regulator adjustable bumpers to fix size in mass production

pontos 90 fokos vágás metrikus skála a vonalzón nagy számokkal
squaring kit easy to read numbers on scale

tartós eloxált fekete alu profil
18 micron black anodized aluminium bar for long-time good look and function

CIAK will cut sheets and panels used by photographers and graphic professionals. Easy, accurately, immediately.

No need to use old wooden rulers, dangerous knives, imprecise scissors more!

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CIAK for cut ...

csak vágjon

műanyag lapok vágása 12 mm-ig

Gielle S.a.s.

CIAK is an Italian design, Italian product from Gielle, the manufacturer of popular Gladium cutters.

Price: 0,00Ft

CIAK Professional

80 105 125 155 205 255 305
max. cutting length 85 cm 110 cm 130 cm 160 cm 210 cm 260 cm 310 cm
cuting thickness 0.5 - 12.5 mm, adjustable with cutting depth regulator
length [cm] 97 122 142 172 222 272 322
packed size [cm] 105 *15 *16 125 *15 *16 145 *15 *16 175 *15 *16 225 *15 *16 275 *15 *16 325 *15 *16
weight [kg] 2,75 3,4 4 4,9 6,4 7,9 9,4
shipping weight [kg] 3,7 4,5 5,3 6,6 8,6 10,7 12.7
profile 18 micron black anodized aluminum bar for long-time good look and function. Two in-profile-integrated sliding guides
straightness accuracy EN 12020-2

Ciak Professional fólia vágás

Each option increases the value of the machine and the ROI. More options mean more services to the customers, more earnings and the possibility to pay back the machine faster.


  • SQUARING KIT: makes Ciak able to square panels. pontos vagas
  • vastag anyag darabolása vágás, darabolás
  • CIAK 2ND SQUARE - CIAK SQUARING STOP For serial jobs. The operator has to fix the size once, then he can cut fast!
    pontos 90 fok sorozatban
  • WHEEL HOLDER TO CUT GLASS AND MIRROR: it makes Ciak able to cut glass and mirror, less than 30 sec. fast change.
    üveg, tükör darabolás
  • STOP to fix size in mass production.
  • SIDE LIFTERS: to fix trimmer to workbench. 3 different possibilities. The cutter can be fixed to the workbench with clamps and allows to lift it with levers or can be fixed to table with screws.
    without clamp with clamp with profi quick release clamp
    rögzítés asztalhoz
  • BLADE HOLDER FOR LEFT HANDED: everyone can get the best performance.
    balkezes papírvágó
    It was designed to cut dibond sheets (aluminium sandwich material) and some acryls with a steel blade at the top professional level.

    It is made by a special blade holder + dedicated blades.

    The kit contains a professional finishing, deburring tool: a burr handle with a replaceable deburring blade. The blade is mounted on the handle can be rotated 360 degrees

  • Also available for left handed users.

(The price of Dibond Kit does not include the cutting blade and the deburring blade!)

  • dibond késtartó simítókés
    blade holder finishing tool


  • vágókésUniversal blades (Ciak Professional) [100 pcs]
    plexi, carton, forex, light panels, PVC cutting blades
  • üvegvágásGlass cutting wheel (Ciak Professional) [1 pc]
    for glass and mirror

  • Blades for dibond (Ciak Professional) [25 pcs]
  • Blade for dibond finishing

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Easy to use

cutting thicker, harder materials

cutting softer sheets

cutting dibond

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